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Staccato: The MuseNet Alternative for AI MIDI Music Generation

October 7, 2023

Is MuseNet still available? As of December 2022, MuseNet isn't working, but Staccato's AI Instrument is the Next-Generation AI Music Tool that you’ve been looking for

Music and technology have been intertwined for years to bring us fresh new ideas and exciting soundscapes. AI-driven MIDI music tools are becoming increasingly popular after OpenAI's ChatGPT made AI productivity go mainstream, and their own "MuseNet" had led the race in this domain in the past. However, MuseNet has been down for several months, with no sign of return in sight.

Staccato emerges as the only clear alternative, offering features that not only match MuseNet but exceed its capabilities. If you are in search of the ultimate MIDI AI music tool, Staccato is worth a deep dive.

Unclear about what MIDI is and how it can help you create? Read more about MIDI here!

Everything from MuseNet and More

Comparing MuseNet and Staccato reveals a distinctive edge that Staccato possesses.


OpenAI's MuseNet



Up to 10


Auto Style Matching



Outputs MIDI



Built-In MIDI Editor Interface



Lyrics Generator



Training Network Model


Cutting-edge, up-to-date proprietary model

The MuseNet Alternative With Added Features You'll Love

There's no doubt that the unveiling of OpenAI's MuseNet was a game-changing moment for the world of AI music generation. Imagine creating a captivating 4-minute musical piece, where you have the power to select from up to 10 instruments. A feat like this was previously unimaginable and cemented OpenAI's MuseNet's status as a groundbreaking tool.

But as with all technological marvels, innovation doesn’t stop at one milestone.

Enter Staccato

Staccato AI Instrument
Visual of Staccato's AI Instrument ™ MIDI Editor

Let's look at how these two square up and how Staccato optimized some core features:

  • Number of Instruments: While MuseNet provides a respectable array of up to 10 instruments, Staccato goes above and beyond, offering an unlimited palette for your compositions. Think of the symphonies and soundscapes you can craft! Simply plug in any VST or virtual instrument you've ever bought and Staccato will pair AI with your existing setup.

  • Auto Style Matching: MuseNet may have missed the mark here, but Staccato picks it up brilliantly. No need to explicitly tell the AI what you are looking to do. Staccato simply offers automatic style matching, ensuring your music remains consistent and fluid, no matter how many elements you introduce. No matter the style, genre or instrument groupings, Staccato will simply continue writing to give you unique ideas.

  • MIDI Outputs: Both tools offer MIDI input and output capabilities, but where Staccato truly shines is in its built-in MIDI editor interface. Now, not only can you generate music, but you can also fine-tune and adjust it to perfection within the same platform.

  • Lyrics Generator: And for those lyrical geniuses out there, Staccato takes it a step further by integrating a lyrics generator. This means not only will your songs be melodious, but they can also tell a story!

  • Training Network Model: MuseNet, being built on the GPT-2 model, was revolutionary for its time. Staccato, however, raises the bar with its cutting-edge, up-to-date proprietary model that makes sure any musical ideas generated stay current. This ensures richer sound quality, more nuanced compositions, and a broader range of musical capabilities.

  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Plugin: Don't interrupt your workflow with too many tools on the screen, simply use Staccato's DAW plugin to keep the ideas flowing where you prefer to create. Read more about how AI can power your creative process with DAWs like Ableton

In essence, while MuseNet paved the way by opening the door to the mesmerizing world of AI music, Staccato boldly strides in, beckoning all music enthusiasts to experience an enhanced, immersive, and limitless musical journey.

So, whether you're a professional artist, an amateur composer, or simply someone who loves dabbling in music, Staccato promises an enthralling experience that will leave you consistently inspired and will help you overcome your writer's block.

Man with writer's block
Photo from Unsplash - Ryan Snaadt (@ryansnaadt)

Why AI MIDI Generators are a Game-Changer for Music Creation

The introduction of AI MIDI generators in the music realm has transformed the very way we approach music creation. Here are some reasons why these technologies have proven to be immensely beneficial for music creators:

  1. Democratizing Music Creation: One doesn't need to be a seasoned musician to create beautiful melodies. With AI-driven tools like Staccato, even a novice can craft impressive tunes. This democratization has opened doors for many aspiring artists who might not have traditional training but have a passion for music.

  2. Rapid Prototyping: Often, musicians have a melody in mind but struggle to put it into a structured format. AI music tools can take these rough ideas and convert them into fully fleshed-out tracks in mere minutes.

  3. Enhancing Creativity: AI doesn't replace human creativity but augments it. By suggesting different instrumentations, styles, or even creating new tunes based on the user's input, AI can inspire artists to think outside the box.

  4. Cost-Efficiency: Renting studio time, hiring session musicians, or even buying expensive instruments can be a huge cost for independent artists. MIDI generators combined with AI tools can replicate the sounds of countless instruments, providing a pocket-friendly solution for many artists.

  5. Learning and Education: For those keen to learn about music, these tools offer a practical hands-on approach. By observing how AI responds to different inputs, learners can gain insights into harmony, rhythm, and melody creation.

  6. Collaboration: AI-driven tools like Staccato offer collaborative features where multiple users can work on a piece together. This can lead to a beautiful fusion of ideas and styles, resulting in unique tracks.

  7. Infinite Experimentation: With the vast array of instruments, styles, and features that tools like Staccato offer, artists can endlessly experiment. Whether it's blending genres, integrating unconventional instruments, or tweaking rhythms – the sky's the limit.

  8. Accessibility: Not everyone has access to a grand piano or a full orchestra. MIDI generators bring these instruments to your fingertips, allowing for a broader range of musical expression no matter where you are.

In conclusion, the fusion of AI and MIDI technology in music creation tools has expanded the horizons for musicians worldwide. It's not just about replicating traditional music-making processes but exploring new frontiers of creativity. The tools are not replacements but enhancements, ushering in a new era of music that's more inclusive, innovative, and boundless. Staccato stands at the forefront of this musical revolution.

MIDI Music Examples:

Staccato’s prowess can be better understood with examples. The diversity of tunes, the depth in musicality, and the innovation are evident in every Staccato creation. Dive into Staccato's SoundCloud to experience its magic.

MuseNet FAQs:

What happened to MuseNet?

In December 2022, MuseNet suddenly stopped working. MuseNet mysteriously disappeared around the same time that Open AI’s ChatGPT went viral. It is unclear why MuseNet stopped working or when it will return.

What was MuseNet used for?

MuseNet allowed you to import a MIDI file into the software and it would generate continuations of the MIDI in a style of your choice. You can read more about MuseNet and other MIDI AI tools here. As of December 2022, it is no longer working.

What was MuseNet’s generator?

MuseNet’s generator was able to generate up to 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments. As of December 2022, it is no longer working.

Was MuseNet a text generator?

No – MuseNet could only generate music. Chat GPT is the text generator that OpenAI (creator of MuseNet) is best known for.

Did MuseNet generate videos?

No – MuseNet could only generate music. We suggest checking the article out here for a list of the best AI video generators.

Will MuseNet return?

On January 2, 2023, Christine McLeavey, the creator of MuseNet, tweeted “Musenet will be coming back soon, but I don’t have the exact date yet.” We haven’t heard anything since, and there is no sign that MuseNet will return any time soon.


Why just read about it when you can experience it firsthand? Jump into the world of AI-driven music with Staccato. And if your curiosity extends beyond music composition, explore the realms of Staccato's AI Lyric Generator.

Staccato is not just another MuseNet alternative; it's a significant leap forward in AI music generation. Experience the future of music, today.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lupker - Co-founder, Staccato

International Speaker & Published Author on Deep Learning & Music.

Dr. Lupker has published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has given lectures internationally in the fields of deep learning, machine learning and music. Beyond Staccato and his own research, Dr. Lupker is an active performer on guitar and keyboards and has played across Canada and USA with award winning artists.

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